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Day 29: Float Embroidered Tapestry

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The art prompt of Day 29 was "float" which inspired a pond full of lily pads. This is part of a 5 piece embroidered tapestry collection for Peachtober 2023.



Every piece starts out much like a seed. An idea is planted, watered by iterative drafts of illustrations, so that the embroidery can flourish stitch by stitch until the final embroidered piece is complete. 

   -- 5 inch by 3 inch embroidered tapestry

   -- embroidery thread stitched on cotton canvas with cotton cording and wooden dowel

   -- covered cotton backing with signed and dated certificate of authenticity 

   -- original illustration by Ibis en Route


To ensure you get your one-of-a-kind piece, all original works will require "signature confirmation" upon delivery due to the nature of the item.



    Illustrations preserve a moment - a blooming meadow at peak season, a sleepy town filled with longtime locals and enamored visitors, a serene lake surrounded by flourishing florals and native plants - so that it can be shared again and again. Monique brings her illustrations to life through hand embroidery. Thousands of stitches join together to share a snippet of that moment. Monique pushes the bounds of traditional hand embroidery methods by “thinking outside of the hoop” where she creates free form pieces that are only limited by her imagination. Squares, arches, and hearts - the boundaries of her pieces are what she makes of them.