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Coneflower Magnetic Needle Minder

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You've got bigger things to think of -- let your needle minder do the minding.


Floral magnetic acrylic charm attracts your needle so you can step away from your embroidery without worrying you lost your needle.

   -- uses neodymium magnets for a  safe and secure hold on thicker fabrics, like canvas and fleece

   -- smooth epoxy finish

   -- 1" in diameter


Enjoy this stress-free method for keeping your needle in place.

1. Slide the bottom magnet away from the top piece.

2. Place the top piece on top of your fabric. 

3. Position the bottom magnet underneath your fabric. The magnets will click together.


This items contains small items and very strong magnets. Keep away from children, pets, and electronics. 

Ibis en Route creates nostalgic nature-inspired embroidery and illustrations, complete with a modern folk-art flare. Envisioned in the woods, designed in the afternoon sun, and curated in the studio -- each product is original and produced for those with an adventuring spririt.

Happily 100% artist owned and operated.