How to Hoop Your Fabric

No matter if you are using a wooden hoop or a plastic hoop, the steps for hooping your fabric remain the same.

For this step you will need the following supplies:

✓ fabric with pattern transferred

✓ embroidery hoop

 Step by Step 

Loosen your hoop by untwisting the screw. Separate the inner and outer ring from each other. Placing the inner ring down first, lay your fabric on top of it. Ensure the fabric is both centered and the weaving of your fabric runs top to bottom and left to right. Slide the outer ring over your fabric and tighten the screw. As you tighten, evenly pull the fabric so the fabric remains taut. Tighten until the fabric surface is taut like a drum.

Now with your fabric on the hoop, you are well on your way to starting your embroidery.

Care to see this step in action? The video below walks you through how to hoop your fabric.