Transfer Your Pattern with the Light Source Method

There are a number of ways to transfer your embroidery pattern to your fabric. In this guide we will explore a common (and forgiving method) - transferring your pattern using the light source method.

For this method you will need the following supplies:
✓ pen or marker to draw with 
✓ pattern print out
✓ fabric of choice (at least 2" larger than your embroidery hoop)
✓ light source
✓ washi tape (optional)

    Popular light sources are sunny windows, light boxes, and computer or tablet screens. It is completely up to you on what you want to use. I tend to use my iPad screen to transfer my patterns.

    This method works best with light to medium weight fabrics where you can see the design through the fabric when illuminated. If you are a beginner, gravitate towards non-stretchy fabrics like cotton or linens, as they are easier to keep taut and straight as you stitch. 

    A variety of pens and markers can be used to transfer your pattern, such as regular pencils and water soluble markers; however, heat erasable pens are a crowd favorite for stitchers as the ink disappears with heat. 

    To transfer your pattern using the light source method, place your supplies flat on a surface in this order: light source, print out, fabric. Be sure to center your fabric over your pattern, and once it is positioned how you'd like, you are ready to trace your pattern! I like to use washi tape to hold my pattern and fabric in place.

    Now with your pattern transferred, you are well on your way to starting your embroidery.

    Care to see this step in action? The video below walks you through transferring your pattern using the light source method.


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